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    Child Support

    Orlando Child Support Attorney

    Experienced Orlando Child Support Lawyer Firm; Serving Central Florida

    Separated or divorced couples who have children must inevitably negotiate child support, which can be difficult because divorce is an emotional issue.  At the Llabona Law Group, we work with clients to achieve a fair and reasonable resolution while making your child’s well-being a top priority.

    Lusan and Nelson Llabona are experienced family law attorneys who emphasize the need for a civil and respectful divorce process—especially when children are involved.  Maintaining a cordial and cooperative relationship is in the best interest of both the children and the parents.  Generally, couples who are considering divorce may wish to minimize contention by negotiating an uncontested divorce.

    In some cases, circumstances may change after divorce.  Perhaps one parent has found a new job or taken a pay cut.  An Orlando child support lawyer can represent your interests in a modification of a previously entered judgment or order.

    Get Help from a Caring and Aggressive Orlando Child Support Attorney

    Because money is involved, child support can be a contentious issue.  We work hard to help you negotiate fair terms without heated court battles.  However, sometimes one spouse will not cooperate.  He or she may stop paying child support out of anger.  At the Llabona Law Group, we take child support seriously.  Working in the best interest of your child, an Orlando child support lawyer can pursue your child support claims aggressively.

    Sometimes parents need to protect their children’s rights.  We offer caring and aggressive representation to meet your needs in a variety of ways.  If you are parent who pays for your child’s health insurance and day care expenses, but your spouse is not paying his or her fair share, a knowledgeable Central Florida child support attorney can help.

    Contact us to speak with an experienced Orlando child support attorney.  Lusan and Nelson Llabona are ready to help you.  We speak both English and Spanish.