Guma Auguiar went missing hours after his wife, Jamie Aguiar reportedly asked for a divorce. His fishing boat was found on a Fort Lauderdale beach with the engine running,  there was no sign of Guma. Jamie’s lawyer said that, they think he might have staged his own disappearance to escape his marital and legal anguish.  Aguiar’s mother, Ellen, thinks he is still alive but is in a delusional state and suffers from psychosis. Aguiar does have a history of mental illness, his mother says he is bipolar.

After his disappearance his wife Jamie and his mother Ellen filed legal documents fighting for control of his assets, said to be valued at $100 million. Ellen wants control to be turned over to a third party, Northern Trust, a wealth management company that was selected by Guma Auguiar  to take care of his assets in case anything ever happened to him. 

It is unknown if  Northern Trust will take control of Aguiar’s assets, even if they want to, they can’t take immediate control because their lawyers need to approve the move first. If Northern Trust does accept they will have more than $50 million of Auguiar’s U.S. assets. It is unknown what will happen to his millions in Israeli assets. Florida court has no control over international assets.

Aguiar made his fortune in 2006 when he and his uncle sold their Texas-based energy company for $2.5 billion, according to the Associated press. He has been in a legal battle with his uncle, Thomas Kaplan, for years over how the monies should be divided.