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    Same-Sex Divorce Spurs Debate in Florida

    Posted on behalf of the firm on September 9, 2014

    Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi has issued a formal request that Broward Circuit Judge Dale Cohen to keep in place a stay of his original ruling declaring the state’s ban on gay marriage unconstitutional. The judge has a scheduled hearing set for today in which he has the ability to hand down a final divorce […]

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    Florida Woman Fighting Same Sex Ban for Preventing Her Divorce

    Posted on behalf of the firm on August 10, 2014

    Marriage rights for homosexuals have been a hot topic for a number of years now. Florida, which fairly easily passed a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage back in 2008, has been dragged back into the fight by one Florida woman, but not for the reason you think. Maria Matheau is fighting the state’s ban on […]

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    Contentious Divorce Linked with Hypertension

    Posted on behalf of the firm on July 20, 2014

    The effects of divorce are well-known: Finances, housing, and possessions get split, families learn how to spend time apart, holidays get divided, etc. However, a recent study done by the University of Arizona shows that there could be some fairly serious health effects for some people as well. It is undeniable that going through a […]

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    Bitter Divorce Turns to 5 Years for Perjury

    Posted on behalf of the firm on July 6, 2014

    One Florida woman’s recent arrest is the perfect example of how lying to a family court is never a smart idea, even when it means protecting your children. The incident in question involved a woman who won full custody of her child after she showed police threatening messages she had received from her then-husband via […]

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    Florida Mother Fights Family Court for Kids

    Posted on behalf of the firm on June 29, 2014

    A Florida mother recently learned the hard way how being caught unprepared can cost the ultimate price: Your children. When it comes to criminal courts, the rules are clear: Evidence of a crime leads to sentencing, which leads to punishment. In this example, if someone is found guilty of child abuse, they lose all parenting […]

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    Florida Barely Outpaces California for #1 Divorce Filing Fee

    Posted on behalf of the firm on June 22, 2014

    According to recent reports by the FindTheBest database, Florida is one of the most difficult and expensive states to get a divorce in. The database, which ranks based on filing fees, the time it takes for the process to complete, and ease of filing, stated that Florida ranked #1 for 2013, with Minnesota following closely […]

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    Man Arrested for $450k in Owed Child and Spousal Support

    Posted on behalf of the firm on June 15, 2014

    It seems that the tale of a spouse not paying their child/spousal support is as old as time. Even in this day and age where you can’t wiggle a toe without a GPS satellite pin-pointing your location, it seems as if people still try to get away with not paying their legally-mandated support. One such […]

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    Divorce Parties: The Latest Trend

    Posted on behalf of the firm on June 8, 2014

    Throughout your life, there will be many causes for celebration: Birthday parties, marriages, anniversaries, retirement parties, and many more. Recently, however, a new trend has arisen: Divorce parties. On one hand, it may seem somewhat crass to throw a party for such an event, but on the other hand, why not celebrate someone’s first step […]

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    Florida Couple Fight Over Son’s Cremated Remains

    Posted on behalf of the firm on June 1, 2014

    A Florida couple who got divorced years back are finding that they’re enmeshed in perhaps the most fiery legal battle of their lives over an unexpected item: Cremated ashes. The remains that they are fighting over are of their son Scott Patrick Wilson, who was killed by a hit-and-run drunk driver recently, at the age […]

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    Floridians Upset With State’s Handling of Family Law

    Posted on behalf of the firm on May 25, 2014

    Going through any sort of family change can be rough, whether it’s a divorce, or changing a child support arrangement, or nullifying an existing spousal support agreement. Whenever loved ones are put into the middle of a situation, it can get very stressful very quickly. While it is understandable that a lot of that stress […]

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