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The Rise of the #Divorceselfie

It seems a bit odd at first: “Our divorce was just finalized. Let’s take a selfie!” Perplexing as it may be, it’s a trend that is sweeping Instagram. Called an “uncoupled” selfie, partners are taking a smiling picture together in the courthouse where their divorce is completed, and adding the hashtag #divorceselfie. Some people are… Read more

Paternity Test Reveals Twins Have Different Dads

It is very rare, but it happens: it is possible for twins to have different fathers. Recently, for only the third time in the US, a judge ruled that a man was only legally required to pay child support for one twin. The other twin did not share his DNA and had been conceived by… Read more

Do You Suspect Your Ex-Spouse Is Treating Your Child Badly?

Divorce is a tough time for all parties involved. It can be a stressful and time consuming experience for the splitting couple. Couples have to figure out how to fairly divide possessions, money, and businesses, if applicable, while dealing with the emotional turmoil of losing their spouse. If there are children involved, the stakes are… Read more

Social Security and Divorce

Older Americans going through a divorce will be advised by their lawyer on how their Social Security benefits will be affected by their divorce.  However, those who divorced years ago may not have received this information, and as a result, may not be receiving all the benefits they deserve. Some retired individuals do not realize they… Read more

Having Children Prior to Marriage Does Not Increase Divorce Risk, Study Says

Societal norms and expectations have changed significantly in recent years, and these shifts have had an effect on divorce rates. While it used to be considered a no-no to live together and/or have children without getting married first, these things are now common in our society. There is less pressure on couples to get married,… Read more

Divorce: Leave the Kids Out of It!

In the midst of a heated divorce, it can be easy to lost track of what is really important. Often, dueling spouses will use whatever they can to make their soon-to-be ex look bad, or to cause them pain. Sadly, it is not uncommon for spouses to drag children into the middle of the drama,… Read more

Staying Sane During a Crazy Divorce

Divorce has a way of turning even the most calm and patient people into stressed out messes. The expense, nitpicking battles with the soon to be ex-spouse, and overall negativity of the process can frustrate and unravel you to the point where you barely recognize yourself. According to this article, there are several steps you… Read more

Prenuptial Agreements are Not a Sign of an Impending Divorce

Years ago, the idea of a prenuptial agreement was only for the exceedingly wealthy looking to protect their fortunes. But in today’s world, prenuptial agreements are a sign of mutual trust and respect for every couple, regardless of their financial situation. A prenuptial agreement is simply a contract between spouses written before marriage that lays… Read more

Top 5 Reasons Why Couples are Divorcing in 2015

Every relationship is different, and no two couples are exactly alike. But when it comes to divorce, the driving forces that can split a union are more universal than we’d like to believe. According to divorcehelp360.com, there are five key behaviors that are detrimental to a marriage. The first is a lack of commitment. It’s… Read more

Custody Dispute Nearly Ends in Tragedy

Child custody disputes between parents often get heated. When you are dealing with something as invaluable and precious as your child and the time you get to spend with your child, it’s no surprise that divorced spouses often have a hard time negotiating child custody terms in a calm, reasonable manner. Even after the divorce… Read more