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    Welcome to Our Blog

    Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence

    Posted on behalf of the firm on December 7, 2014

    We like to highlight community agencies that are doing great work in our midst.  The Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence is one of them.   They maintain a long list of 42 certified local agencies statewide;  they provide hotlines and a variety of outreach services all over the state.  You can become a member or get […]

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    Who Still Finds Prenuptial Agreements Taboo?

    Posted on behalf of the firm on December 4, 2014

    Marrying couples are long overdue for removing the stigma associated with prenuptial agreements. When will we stop regarding this critical legal aspect of marriage as merely ‘taboo’ and start recognizing it for what it really is – an intelligent arrangement between responsible adults. We learn pretty early on in life that not everything is a […]

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    50/50 Parenting Can Put Parents Ahead of Their Kids

    Posted on behalf of the firm on December 3, 2014

    Whether you’ve been tuned into things or not, there’s currently a heated national debate taking place regarding child custody. The November 2014 election cycle saw states like North Dakota vote on equal parenting time, a cause championed by the “Parental Rights Initiative”. This controversial measure ultimately failed, by what many would consider a landslide margin […]

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    Financial Tips for Divorcing Couples

    Posted on behalf of the firm on November 16, 2014

    Divorce is a hugely significant moment in a person’s life. It quite literally sets the stage for the entire second part of an individual’s life. Families split or form lines, property is divided, houses are moved out of, and finances are cut in half. That is the theme of the post today: Finances. While anyone […]

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    Shooting Your Wedding Dress After a Divorce?

    Posted on behalf of the firm on November 9, 2014

    So your divorce is finalized, and you’re on your way out of the courtroom. Do you head home and relax, getting your bearings on your newly-single life, or do you drive out to a gun range to shoot some automatic weapons before heading to an airfield for some skydiving? That might seem like an utterly […]

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    Rothstein Divorce Postponed Due to Prison Complications

    Posted on behalf of the firm on November 2, 2014

    It looks like Kim Rothstein, who spent most of her marriage away from her Ponzi-scheming husband Scott, is facing some delays in breaking free and getting her name (literally) restored. Anyone who has been following Florida news in the past few years has undoubtedly heard the name Rothstein, and for good reason. Scott Rothstein created […]

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    Rep. Grayson’s Wife Complains About House Conditions

    Posted on behalf of the firm on October 26, 2014

    As most people who have been through a divorce can tell you, the process is often messy in a metaphorical sense. Florida Rep. Alan Grayson, however, is currently facing a divorce that his soon-to-be-ex-wife is calling literally messy. She is claiming that the house she is sharing with their 4 children is quite literally falling […]

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Divorce

    Posted on behalf of the firm on October 19, 2014

    If you are facing a divorce, or helping someone else make their way through one, there are undoubtedly a thousand little questions floating around up in the air. We will try to answer some of the more common ones here. Q: My wife and I went through mediation, and we collaborated and signed an agreement […]

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    The Judge Cannot See Through Your Eyes

    Posted on behalf of the firm on October 12, 2014

    Sometimes bad things happen to good people. It’s quite possible for 2 individuals, who their respective friends and family would call “the nicest, most honorable person in the whole world,” to get locked together in a bitter divorce proceeding. You could even be one of those individuals, and you could have every facet of the […]

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    Divorce – Matters of Fault, and Finding Lost Spouses

    Posted on behalf of the firm on October 5, 2014

    If you are considering filing for divorce, you likely have a whole slew of questions and concerns. You are not alone. Thousands of questions are asked every day by thousands of individuals just like yourself. One of the more common concerns people have in the process of gearing up for a divorce filing is whether […]

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