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What Happens to my Retirement In a Divorce?

If you are facing the unfortunate situation of divorce, amidst all of the tough decisions being made, you might be wondering how your assets will be divided. While you may already know that in the state of Florida assets are divided equally in most divorce cases, what most don’t know is whether or not retirement… Read more

What is the Divorce Appeals Process in Florida?

Oftentimes in divorce cases, one person disagrees with the decisions that were ruled on their divorce case because they believe their former spouse committed some type of fraud during the case, or they believe the judge didn’t follow the divorce law properly. In instances like these, an appeal might be the best option. In the… Read more

What is ‘No Fault’ Florida Divorce?

The process of divorce can be a tough one. The process is made even worse when those being divorced have to place blame and find fault for who/what caused the divorce. Florida’s “no fault” divorce policy eliminates this part of the divorce process. In the state of Florida, the courts process divorces as “no fault… Read more

How to Blend your Divorced Family Smoothly

When divorce involves children, it can instantly become complicated. Once the dust of the divorce settles and the wounds heal, a parent may find themselves wanting to begin a new life with a new spouse. With the children, there is bound to be some resistance. The new spouse is not their natural parent, so they… Read more

What is a Guardian ad Litem?

When moving through complicated divorce cases, the children are often briefly forgotten. Amidst all of the property arguments, child support claims, and accusations, it can be tough to hear the child’s voice. That is the purpose of a Guardian ad Litem. A Guardian ad Litem can be appointed by the court to be the official… Read more

Do I Need a Temporary Restraining Order?

What is a Temporary Restraining Order? As the name suggests, a temporary restraining order is a short-term order by a civil judge. The order sets up harsh penalties for engaging in some action, generally having forbidden contact with the party noted, or being around their place of residence or being in the general vicinity of… Read more

Marriage & Divorce: Why and How Would you Change your Name

Every year, thousands of people change their names, both first and last, and middle. Its safe to say that the vast majority of these name changes are as a result of marriage—or divorce. Why File For a Name Change? –Name changes after marriage, divorce, annulment. As mentioned previously, marriage and divorce (and annulment) are the… Read more

How NOT to Ask for a Divorce

There really is no “right” way to tell your spouse that you want a divorce. No matter how it is done, your spouse will likely have strong reactions including shock, denial, sadness, and anger. While there may not be a “good” way to present the news of your decision to your spouse, there are definitely… Read more

Forced to Divorce… Using a Cattle Prod?

There are divorces that get ugly, and then there are divorces that get UGLY. Sometimes a spouse is unwilling to cooperate, and will slow down the entire divorce process. This may be done out of spite, as a form of passive aggressiveness, or simply because the partner does not want to get divorced. Recently in… Read more

Florida Parents Required to Take Parenting Course Prior to Divorce

Did you know that the state of Florida requires couples with minor children to complete a mandatory parenting class prior to finalizing a divorce? The Parent Education and Family Stabilization class is 4 hours long, and most judicial circuits, including the Orlando area, allow parents to complete the course either online or in person. The… Read more