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    NBA Star Steve Nash Child Support Battle Continues

    Steve Nash, a professional National Basketball Association all-star who plays for the Los Angeles Lakers, is battling with his ex-wife, Alejandra, over child support for his three children. 

    According to Sportsworld, Nash reports he has made his wife a millionaire through their divorce, as she received $5 million in the divorce settlement, and  receives $30,000 a month from him, as well.  Nash also remarked that he pays over 90 percent of his children’s school and other activity expenses, as well as paying 82 percent of the children’s nanny expenses, too.  He feels, according to, that his ex-wife will spoil his children with luxurious items such as limos, games and other unnecessary items if he pays more in support .

    Alejandra Nash lives in Arizona where Steve lived as well until he was traded to the Los Angeles Lakers in July of 2012.  An Arizona judge agreed with Nash that his ex-wife did not need more money to support their children and ruled Alejandra is not entitled to child support. However, Alejandra has not only appealed the Arizona judge’s decision, but is contemplating moving to California, a state known for its strict child support laws, in an effort to force Nash to pay more support.

    Nash met Alejandra Amarilla in Manhattan in 2001, and they married in June 2005.  The couple’s twin daughters, Lola and Bella, were born on October 14, 2004, and their son, Matteo Joel, was born on  November 12,  2010.  On the day of his son’s birth, Nash made a statement announcing  his son’s birth, calling it a ‘bittersweet moment’, revealing that he and his wife had lived separately for several months and were in the process of dissolving their marriage.

    Original story found here.