Powerball Winner Due in Court Over Child Support

When a couple with children separates or divorces, the issue of child support will need to be addressed.  Divorce is already an emotional issue, but often when the issue of money is involved, it can become a contentious issue, as well.  Although the majority of parents realize their children need their support and acknowledge this by paying their child support obligations each month, there are those parents who shirk this duty.

One such parent is Pedro Quezada.  Quezada owes $29,000, according to New Jersey authorities, in child support.  The New Jersey man’s name has been in newspapers around the country recently since he just won a $338 million Powerball jackpot. 

Quezada was scheduled to appear in New Jersey state Superior Court in Paterson last Monday.  The hearing stems from a child support warrant that was issued for the 44-year-old man who has not paid his support payments since 2009. 

According to NBC News, a spokesman for the Passaic County Sheriff’s office said the warrant was stayed temporarily until his court appearance.  Quezada owes support for his five children, although it’s unknown which children are covered under the support payments.

Quezada  chose to claim his jackpot win in one lump sum, which, after taxes, would be $152 million.  Usually, according to Sheriff’s spokesman Bill Maer, winnings are not released by the State Lottery Department until court judgments are satisfied.  However, in Quezada’s case, he claimed his $152 million in winnings last week before satisfying his back support payments.

Quezada, who is a native of the Dominican Republic, told the Daily News he felt “pure joy” in winning the lottery, and would use the winnings to help his family.  Hopefully his family includes his five children which he has failed to support these past four years.

When a former partner fails to pay his or her court ordered child support payments, an experienced attorney can work aggressively with you to pursue your child support claims.  Contact a knowledgeable, experienced Florida family law attorney to resolve your child support issues.

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