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    Whitney Houston’s Prenuptial Agreement Released

    Posted on behalf of the firm on March 29, 2012

    Following Whitney Houston’s passing at age 48, her estate disclosed the prenuptial agreement she had signed with ex-husband, Bobby Brown. Houston and Brown filed for divorce in 2006. The couple was married for 14 years and had a daughter, Bobbi Kristina. On the issue of earnings, the prenuptial agreement ensured that Houston didn’t have to […]

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    Increase in Evidence From Cell Phones Introduced in Family Court

    Posted on behalf of the firm on March 27, 2012

    A recent study indicates that leading family law attorneys have seen a surge in the use of evidence at trial collected from smart phones. The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML), a nationwide organization of domestic relations attorneys,  conducted a study that involved asking attorneys how often they have seen the admission in trial of […]

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    Failure to Pay Child Support Does Not Warrant State-Appointed Counsel

    Posted on behalf of the firm on March 22, 2012

    In a recent 2011 decision, Turner v. Rogers,  the United States Supreme Court held that a person held in contempt of court for failure to pay child support is not entitled to state-appointment of counsel, even if the punishment involves imprisonment of a year or more. The case began when Michael Turner failed to pay […]

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    Custody of Children When Parents are in Different States

    Posted on behalf of the firm on March 20, 2012

    Generally, when you and the other parent of your children can’t agree on who should get custody you both go down to the courthouse, get an order from the judge, and that’s that. But things can get a bit more complicated when the other parent lives in a different state from you. For example, what […]

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    What’s the Deal With Common Law Marriages?

    Posted on behalf of the firm on March 15, 2012

    Many have heard of common law marriage, and wonder if simply living with a partner will result in their being married. The short answer is that Florida generally does not recognize common law marriage. Common law marriage is a way to get married to someone without having a written marital contract or license and without […]

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    Russell Brand and Katy Perry File for Divorce

    Posted on behalf of the firm on March 13, 2012

    In December, the pop music star, Katy Perry, and her husband, actor Russell Brand announced that they were splitting up. The two were married in October of 2010 in India. But the last few months have revealed the demise of their relationship. In November, Brand made a video in which he removed his wedding ring […]

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